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The Greek Waters are famous for the breath taking beauty, the transparent and crystal clear colours, and the bright blue, combined with the bright sun and sky. This is the reason why people visit Greece again and again, to feel with all their senses the elements of the Greek nature.

Less people are aware of another genuine characteristic of the Greek Waters, the existence and survival through the centuries of cetaceans, dolphins and (more rarely) whales. The cetaceans have always inhabited the Greek and Mediterranean waters, their presence and interaction with humans is evident since the ancient years; the ancient myth of Orpheus whose life was saved in a sea storm by a dolphin, thanks to the singing of the poet, is still taught to children as a lesson of the understanding of these animals and their appreciation of the humans.

Twelve (12) cetacean species (dolphins and whales) live permanently or can be met occassionaly in the Greek Waters. When sailing a boat, it is possible to meet a group of dolphins, who come close to the yacht to play and bow ride. It is absolutely safe to sail near the dolphins and it's particularly enjoyable to watch these wonderful animals to swim around the yacht.

The research on the conservation and the environment of the cetaceans is carried out in Greece by a specialized institution, the Pelagos Cetacean Research Institute.

Sail in Greek Waters participates actively in the protection of the cetaceans in Greece: We support this Institute, by donating a specific amount of money for every cruise you book online.

Find out more about our contribution and the ways you can support in practice the research and conservation activities of the

Pelagos Institute (click here).

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