Short-term Sailing Trips
4-day escape on a sailing yacht
Do you prefer a shorter sailing trip with Yoga? Join a 4-day cruise!
Experience yoga in serene locations near Athens - visit 3 islands
The cruise takes place on a privately chartered yacht, where you can attend Yoga classes and meditation
Asana classes take place in secluded beaches on the islands
The cruise is suitable for all levels of Yoga , as the Intructor can adapt the classes to your own level of experience. Yoga instructors are certified by the Yoga Alliance International.

Skill Level (beginners, medium, high) - Yoga Styles (Asana, Hatha, Yoga Nidra)


Description of the Cruise: 

The sailing trip starts from Alimos marina, located near Athens center. Your skipper and your Yoga instructor welcomes you onboard and ensure that you are settled in your double cabin (shared by 2 persons), and get familiar with the yacht. After we leave the port, we sail to the nearest island, Aegina. Arrival is expected after sunset, so there is enough time for dinner and meditation. 

The next morning we visit a secluded beach nearby. Within the natural beauty, you can enjoy the yoga practice. After some swim and breakfast, head to the next destination, the amazing Hydra island. You will love the historic port, the traditional buildings and cosmopolitan atmosphere on the island.

The next day we start early, in order to have a morning stop for yoga practice. The day goes on smoothly after yoga, with some relaxation, swimming and lunch. Later we head to the port of Poros, for another relaxing evening. Take the chance to enjoy a nice walk by the sea. You can find a quiet spot in a serene location for some mediation at the time of sunset.

The next day we return to Athens. The day starts with yoga practice in a beach after the port and then take the way back to Alimos marina.



The Yacht
 Beneteau Cyclades 50.5
 5 double cabins + single crew cabin - more info 

Accommodation on a sailing yacht

Sailing yachts are equipped with double cabins, WC/showers, a kitchen, saloon and open space on the deck. 5-cabin yachts can accommodate up to 12 persons, as usually there is an extra cabin for the crew. The kitchen (called 'galley' in the sailing jargon) is fully equipped for people to prepare meals, even for long-term trips. In summer months, people prefer to eat meals on the open deck (more precicely the cockpit area), where most of the day is spent. The deck space is rather limited, for this reason groups of people practice yoga exclusively ashore, like on sandy, secluded beaches.

The yachts are crewed with skipper and yoga instructor, but there is no hostess / cook to take care of the meals, so that accommodation space is saved, and the total cost of the cruise remains lower. However, you can opt to hire a hostess or cook as well, if you wish.




Price is: 3.900 EUR for 10 persons

*Contact us for the best price for your trip, depending on the number of persons in your group

What is included:

  • Charter fee for 4 days / 3 nights
  • Crew fees for the Yoga instructor and Skipper
  • Yoga mats for all group members
  • Running expenses of the yacht: fuels, port fees, etc.
  • Yoga instructor delivers 2 courses a day, practice and meditation


What is not included:

  • Food and drinks for you and the crew
  • Personal expenseson the island
  • Travel Insurance (guests are advised to arrange their personal insurance - optionally)
  • Running expenses of the yacht: fuels, port fees, etc.
  • A "Security Deposit of 2.000 €, withheld on credit card to cover for any possible damages that you cause on the yacht (e.g. broken windows, blocked toilets, etc.) The amount is withheld on your credit card on embarkation day and is released upon the safe return of the yacht to the home port