Sail with your family



Sailing holidays on a chartered yacht is a totally affordable luxury.  It offers a lot of private moments full with romance.

  • Plan and realize your own trip; choose the islands you want to visit, the duration of the trip and the length of each sailing leg. You are the captain.
  • Select the bays you want to anchor the yacht from the dozens of bays available in each island. Every place creates a unique memory. Find a bay away from civilization, even deserted from other yachts. Enjoy the time with your family with the light of the moon and the countless stars. Enjoy a glass of wine with the sound of the sea.
Give your children the gift of sailing. The sailboat provides with an ideal training environment, where knowledge comes with play:

  • Children can get the role of sailors from the age of 10-12. Usually they enjoy it a lot! This is the environment to learn how to co-operate with their parents, follow commands in order to be safe and undertake roles in order to achieve a common goal. Sailing offers a great opportunity to strengthen family bonds. Work together to complete each sailing trip; Enjoy as a team- collaborate to 'win'.
  • Parents have the time to teach children physics (after all, this is what sailing is about), geometry (following chart navigation) and useful lessons about nature. Above all, children realize the beauty and importance of nature and ecology, while they enjoy their sailing holidays.

Children get a live experience of autarky and close relationship with nature forces. They learn to appreciate and respect the forces of nature, the sea and the wind

  • There is so much that children can take from sailing. Travel with the power of wind, find your location and route with the help of land marks (OK, maybe modern means have decreased the role of the compass..), adjust your sails according to the direction of the wind, this is how children learn to travel on a sailing yacht.
  • Water and electricity is not limitless, people must respect the limits of the nature. Although omitted in real life, these factors must be observed on a sailing yacht, especially if you decide to spend a week away from harbors. So, children learn to live in autarky while enjoy their time around the sea.

Sailing gives the chance to enjoy the incredible landscape of the islands and get familiar with their diverse cultural tradition

  • Poems and novels are full with the beauties of the Greek islands; not a lot can be said here and yet one has to visit the islands to appreciate their beauty. There more to find should travelers be interested to get to know the culture of islanders. Beyond the feasts, their dance and traditional cuisine, it is the authenticity of the people, clear like the clean waters that marks each of the Greek islands.

Avoid organized tours and resorts while enjoy the exploration of new areas in luxury

  • This summer avoid the organized tours in the busy resorts with the massive approach. Visit Greek islands on your own, original way, feel and learn from nature, and appreciate the authenticity of the locals. This summer, Sail in Greek Waters!

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