Mykonos - Santorini: One-Way Route


A sailing Route among the most famous Sailing Destinations in Greece: Mykonos, Koufonissi, Paros and Santorini, plus more breath taking Cyclades islands!



Fascinating and Challenging sailing conditions, secluded coves, the Incedible Blue of the Aegean Sea!


Swim in golden beaches, sail the challenging Aegean Sea with favorable conditions (mostly downwind), visit traditional fish ports, dine with fresh sea food. All in all, live an unforgettable sailing experience in the Greek Waters.


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Day 1: Embarkation in Mykonos marina, visit Delos islet

  • Embark to the yacht in the morning - complete preparation before departure (paperwork, provisions)
  • Strongly Recommended: Visit the sacred Delos island (with the yacht if weather permits): 7 nautical miles (nm) - 1 hour distance.
  • Optional: Get a guided tour, duration: 1,5 hours, within an area full with monuments, statutes, ruins of temples and houses.
  • In the evening free anchor in the beach Super Paradise, back at Mykonos island - visit the island with the dinghy

Day 2: Sail to Naxos island

  • Distance: 23 nm - 4 hours
  • Morning swim in the southern beaches of Mykonos
  • Berth in the port of Naxos (arrive to the port in early afternoon the latest in order to find an early spot)
  • Spend the night in the busy town of Naxos

Day 3: Sail to Koufonissi island

  • Distance: 20 nm - 3 hours
  • Sail from Naxos south, toward the Small Cyclades
  • Swim in uninhabited islets for swim, sail to next islet. Repeat
  • Sun bathing and walking tours on golden beaches and the exotic coastline
  • Spend the evening in the traditional port of Koufonissi, or any other cove you prefer



Day 4: Sail the Small Cyclades

  • Distance: 7 nm - time depends on the number of coves you select to visit through the scattered islets in the way
  • Spend the day in a relaxing manner, happy sailing among the islets, swimming; optional walks on designated paths through the coastline
  • In the evening berth in the small port of Schoinoussa and visit the town for dinner in the traditinal tavernas

Day 5: Sail from Schoinoussa to Antiparos island

  • Distance: 23 nm - 4 hours
  • Easy sailing near the coast of the big islands of Paros and Naxos
  • Sail through the "Blue Lagoon", the turquoise waters between Paros and Antiparos
  • Swim at the golden beaches of Antiparos island
  • Optionally, follow our hiking route on Antiparos, to explore the ancient monuments and incredible cave. Find out more...
  • Don't miss the nearby islet of Despotikon, with new, astonishing archaeological findings from ancient times
  • Spend the night on free anchor in the picturesque coves or the small port of Antiparos (provided that there are available spots left).

Day 6: Sail to Paros island

  • In the morning visit one of the beautiful coves of Antiparos and the neighboring islets
  • Sail to the port of Paros, Paroikia, early in the afternoon since the berthings spots are limited (same in the second port of the island, Naoussa)
  • Be highly cautious when crossing the strait between Paros and Antiparos due to sallow waters
  • There are plenty of historical monuments in the town of Paroikia, from ancient to Byzantine; optionally spend 2-4 hours on a guided tour (contact us for more information).

Day 7: Sail to Sifnos island

  • Distance: 23 nm - 4 hours: Challenging sailing route as it is exposed to the northern winds and possibly big waves
  • Sifnos has some alternatives regarding berthing places - ports: Kamares is one of them, at the western coast of the island
  • Sifnos is famous for its natural landscape as well as the picturesque temples and monasteries, scattered along the island
  • Spend the day visiting the town of Apollonia and the ancient settlement of Kastro
  • Enjoy your dinner at the island, as Sifnos is considered a famous gastronomy destination

Day 8: Sail to Milos island

  • Distance: 20 nm - 3 hours: Easier sailing conditions as the northern wind comes from favorable direction (downwind)
  • Berth in the natural port of Adamantas, in the big bay of the island
  • Milos has a unique, highly diversified coastline, with plenty of awesome beaches along

Day 9: Sail around Milos

  • Milos island has many hidden destinations and secluded coves; most famous is the cape Kleftikon, at the south coast of the island
  • There are also two islets around Milos, Kimolos and Polyaigos; altogether compose a wonderful sailing route and you can spend the night either at Milos or the small islets. Find out more about sailing around Milos island.
  • All in all, a day sailing around Milos will leave you with best memories

Day 10: Sail to Folegandros island

  • Distance: 34 nm (depending on the place of anchor at the area of Milos) - 5 hours. Challenging sailing route as it is exposed to the northern wind (beam reach sailing) and possibly big waves
  • Two options to berth; the picturesque port of Folegandros or on anchor in the cove Agkali, located at the south cost of Folegandros
  • The port is small, so it is necessary to start the trip early and arrive latest in the afternoon.
  • Visit the town of Folegandros, distance 3-4 km from the port. Walk in the white, traditional alleys and visit the Medieval Castle, a beautiful monument on the island

Day 11: Sail to Santorini island - End of the Cruise

  • Distance: 28 nm - Challenging sailing route as conditions are similar to the previous day
  • Sail through the amazing caldera, the stiff cliffs of the island
  • Berth in the small marina of Santorini
  • Spend the rest of the day visiting the famous island
  • Disembarkation takes place the next day, at 09:00 am.


  • The photos of Koufonissi and Paros island were shot and provided to us by our friend, experienced and keen sailor, Klazien Matter-Walstra.
  • The present route and the chart are provided merely for informal use. Always assess the nautical charts before your sailing route for a pleasant and care free sailing experience
  • When following this route, it might be required to make changes on the way, according to weather conditions.

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