Argosaronic Gulf and Peloponnese east coast have mild sailing conditions.The area is out of the reach of the main meltemi force so winds are usually 3-4 Beauforts in July till September and less in other months. Waves are not likely to reach more than 1 meter tall because the Peloponnese coast is protected by Attiki and Argolic peninsulas. Besides, even if weather conditions get unfavorable (e.g. strong gusts) it is easy to find shelter, since islands are close to each other and the coast. 
Peloponnese east coast has a wonderful landscape, full with trees reaching the sea level. It is beautiful to sail by the coast or anchor in any of the green bays of the islands. Aegina, Agkistri, Poros and Spetses are some of the islands with magnificent landscape and small bays, ideal for peaceful anchorage. The Peloponnese cost has a scenery of green, wooded mountains and well protected bays.

Cultural sightseeing is also rich in Argosaronic Gulf and Eastern Peloponnese coast. Epidaurus ancient theater is located near the small port that hosts sailing yachts. From here guests can take a coach and visit the ancient Mycenae castle.

Hydra town surrounds the historic port of the island, a true monument of Greek Revolution of early 19th century. Similarly, Spetses Island holds the tradition of rich ship-owners of the same era that funded the Revolution. Further to the south, the Byzantine castle of Monemvasia sustains a unique historic monument, an absolute must-see place in southeastern Peloponnese.

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