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Milos is one of the most beautiful and diverse islands of Greece located in the southeast part of Cyclades islands. The island is an ideal destination for sailing holidays because of its rich natural variety stemming from the eruption of volcano, thousands of years ago. As a result, every beach has a different characteristic to admire, mostly related to the formation of rocks. Along with the nearby islands of Kimolos and Polyaigos, the area offers a unique sailing destination where you can plan a few-day sailing trip, or visit as part of a longer sailing route, around the Cyclades islands.

Usually, Sail in Greek Waters rates each trip in terms of difficulty, but rating the sailing round of Milos is not as straight forward. Since we are sailing around an island and the ones nearby, there are no far destinations and that makes the trip easy to handle. On the other hand, the prevailing north wind of summer months (meltemi) might be so strong that it can take a lot of sailing experience to master the yacht. We shall rate each bay we suggest according to the shelter it provides to strong north winds. In any case, all places are really wonderful and worth visiting. 

Day 1

The trip starts from Milos main port, Adamantas (or Adamas). It is natural gulf, once the center of the volcano, and perfectly protected from all winds. You can either sail there (it is located 90 miles away from Athens to the south). In summer months when the north winds prevail, the trip is downwind, so not hard to accomplish, despite its lenth. If you wish you can have a stop in the island of Sifnos (or other islands) that are located between Athens and Milos.

In Adamantas port you can find berth easy (perhaps except for first half of August that is peak of the season) as well as all the facilities required for a yacht. Also, you may use the bus, taxi or hire a car, to visit the main town, Plaka, a picturesque place on the top of the hill.


 Day 2: Sail to the south side of Milos island.

Sail to the magnificent bay of Kleftiko. This place, located on the southwest cape of Milos is truly unique, with high rocks standing on the sea. It gives the impression that these rocks were hurled during the volcano explosion. It is wonderful to anchor there and swim. Kleftiko bay is 14 nautical miles away from Adamantas port. According to weather conditions, decide whether Kleftiko is safe to spend the night there. If the north winds are strong, travel to the east and stay in Provatas bay, that offers safer berth.

While traveling around the south side of Milos, keep in mind that various scattered rocks need always caution and good consultation of the map.

There are more wonderful bays to visit at the south side of Milos, like Tsigrado and Agia Galini. If you decide to spend the night in Provatas bay, the distance from Kleftiko is about 6 nautical miles (about 20 miles from Adamantas port in total).

Day 3: Polyaigos

The next day sail toward the Polyaigos island, just a few miles to the east of Milos. Like Milos, Polyaigos has a marvelous geological diversity and sailing from the south cape up to the north, offers a magnificent experience. After a coastal cruise to the north, you may anchor in the Mirsini bay, at the south of a rock standing at its entrance. Using a line ashore where possible will offer a safer shelter from the north wind. The distance from Provatas bay to the south cape and up the Mirsini bay is about 14 nautical miles.

Day 4: Kimolos

The next day, continue the tour to Kimolos island. The small port of the island, called Psathi lies at the south east side of Kimolos, quite close to Polyaigos. So, you may decide to sail around these islands for a while – the east side of Kimolos is wonderful for short stops and swim, but always keep close look of the map for rocks and swallows. The direct distance from Mirsini bay in Polyaigos to Psathi port of Kimolos is only 2 nautical miles. However, keep in mind that not many facilities are available in Psathi.


Day 5: Return to Adamantas bay

After sailing around these three islands for 4 days, it is time to return to Milos main port. Pay attention to the passage between Milos and Kimolos because of the rocks beneath the sea, as well as the gusts that might develop there. For many, It is a fascinating sailing route, especially since the nearby islands protect from big waves. Moreover, the north side of Milos is also very attractive. You will sail near the village of Apollonia in Milos, which lies by the sea and you can make a short stop if you wish (although not protected from north winds). You will also sail near the infamous Sarakiniko bay, but not safe to anchor unless there are no winds at the time. The distance from Psathi to Adamantas is 14 nautical miles. There you can berth your yacht with safety and re-load needed supplies.

Day 6: Sarakiniko bay

Sarakiniko - Milos Island

Sarakiniko bay lies at the north side of Milos island. Although it is a place worth visiting thanks to its unique volcano formations, it is not included in the sailing route because it offers no protection to the north winds. However, it is worth renting a car in Milos to visit Sarakiniko and admire the white rocks and crystal waters. We advise everyone who visits Milos, not to miss this unique place.

Note: Above data (distances, berthing information, etc.) are included merely for informational purposes and are not accurate. Please assess a nautical chart before your trip, to ensure a safe and pleasant trip.

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