Sailing Holidays in the Ionian Sea: One week route


Ionian Sea composes one of the most beautiful and popular sailing destinations in Greek Waters. The best weather conditions for relaxing vacations.



The sailing trip of one week around the islands of the Ionian Sea is a relatively easy and among the most beautiful ones around Greece. Main characteristic of the islands in the Ionian Sea are the bright pine trees on the hills, spreading down up to the sea level, creating a beautiful landscape, ideal for relaxed holidays.

On the other hand, winds are very calm, rising only in mid day for a while, and then fade out till the evening. The waters in most bays have a distinct, turquoise colour, which creates a unique feeling for your holidays. Sailing in the Ionian Sea has been an unforgettable experience for those who have lived it.





Day 1: Lefkas - Fiscardo, Kefalonia island (17 nm)

The sailing trip started from Lefkas island on Saturday afternoon so before that we had plenty of time to supply the yacht with provisions, have a little walk around the town of Lefkas and examine the route on the sailing map. Lefkas lies at the center of the islands in Ionian Sea, close to some beautiful islets with few, if any, inhabitants.

The first day of the trip we sailed south, toward the north coast of Kefalonia. The bay of Fiscardo lies 17 nautical miles (nm) south of Lefkas island. By the port lies the colourful and well preserved village of Fiscardo, with many restaurants and gift shops. You should expect to arrive to Fiscardo near the time that the sun sets. In case there are no free spots in the port, you may berth at the pontoons around the bay using a line ashore. So, you are not expected to find difficulties berthing in Fiscardo.

Day 2: Fiscardo - Katelios (south coast of Kefalonia, 33 nm to the south)

The next day spend some time in the port of Fiscardo to walk around and appreciate the environment, tall pine trees near the sea; a beautiful landscape. Fiscardo creates a cosmopolitan atmosphere so it's pleasant to spend some time around the village. You might also enjoy your lunch (or dinner the night before) in one of the restaurants by the small port. We had some wonderful sea food on a table only few meters away from our sailboat.

Eventually, we started our trip to Kastelios. The first part was amazing, with the green coastlines of Kefalonia and Ithaca surrounding our yacht. If you want you can stop in any of the bays on Kefalonia coast for a swim. We didn't stop, as we were eager to arrive to Katelios as soon as possible. We passed by the beautiful bay of Sami at our right hand side and after a total of around 6 hours we arrived to the little port of Katelios.

Day 3: Katelioi - Zante (13 nm for the Beach with the Shipwreck, 15 nm for the port)

The next day we started early for the next island on the course, Zante and the bay of the shipwreck, lying near the northwest cape of the island. The beauty of this place is famous around the world for its unprecedented beauty. The turquoise, crystal clear  waters, the golden sand on the beach, and the spectacular ship wreck that was washed up in the beach during the 80s, all compose a unique spectacle. Sharp rocks surround the beach that is only accessible by sea. Enjoy the incredible view for some hours but leave in the afternoon to find a safe berth in the port of Zante, 15 nm from the beach of the shipwreck. On our way to the port, we sailed the boat near the "Blue Capes", another spectacular place of the Zante coastline. Alternatively, you may berth at the fish port of Agios Nikolaos, at the north of the island and near Spilies. Try find a spot there, the port looks safe and beautiful. If there are no places available then you can continue your trip toward the main port of Zante.

Day 4: Zante - Kioni (15 nm)

The fourth day we sailed north to the island of Ithaca. The trip to Kioni bay, a traditional village at the west coast of the island, is 15 nm to the north from Zante port. Kioni is a small village situated inside a wider bay, offering physical protection to visiting yachts. The houses are  surrounded by bright pine trees although the prevailing colour is the turquoise of the sea. We arrived in the afternoon, we enjoyed a wonderful swim in the crystal waters and later a walk in the small village. There we had dinner at the fish taverns by the small port. We were impressed by the architecture of the houses in the village, and particularly the three temples that include rare religious artifacts (drawings, etc.)


Day 5: Ithaca island

We decided to spend the next day in Ithaca's bays for swimming and relaxing. After breakfast, we sailed around the north cape of Ithaca, visiting the bay of Stavros at northeast. The landscape is equally beautiful, pine trees and crystal waters all around the place. In the evening we sailed back to the port of Ithaca, Vathi. We arrived before sunset but there was no spot at dock to berth, so we spent the night in Vathi bay, moored on our anchor. As this is a naturally protected bay, we were safe through out the night.

Day 6: Ithaca - Kastos islet (14 nm) 

On Thursday we sailed to Kastos, a small islet full with trees, 14 nm to the east of Ithaca. Kastos is a beautiful island, the smallest in a three-islet complex, composed also from Meganissi and Kalamos. The three islands carry historic tradition since ancient years. Kastos has few, traditional houses around the small port while only 50 citizens live there through out the year. However, there is a church in the small village built on ruins of first-christian temple. It contains old artifacts of Christian tradition.We arrived early in Kastos and sailed around it; we found a bay we liked and moored on anchor for a swim. The nature was wonderful.

Day 7: Return to Lefkas (20 nm)


The last day of the trip was a relaxed one. We made a stop in Meganissi, near Kastos, and by afternoon we started our trip back to Lefkas. We had a beautiful trip as the wind raised that time so we sailed upwind, by the west coast of Lefkas. We arrived before sunset and enjoyed the last evening visiting Lefkas town.The next morning we left the boat early morning and prepared ourselves for the hardest trip, the return home after such an amazing week.


 Note: Above data (distances, berthing information, etc.) are included merely for informational purposes and are not accurate. Please assess a nautical chart before your trip, to ensure a safe and pleasant trip.


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