Return One-Way: Kos to Athens



The one-way sailing route from Kos to Athens is one of the most challenging itineraries one could sail across the Aegean Sea. 


Apart from the long distances between destinations, the route can be partly upwind, considering the north winds that prevail in the wider region during summer months.

 However, all destinations in this itinerary are wonderful and offer unique places for amazing summer holidays. 

Day 1: Kos - Kalimnos (18 nautical miles - nm)

The first day of the cruise, leave Kos island at the afternoon, after the yacht is ready. Spend some time in the day to visit the town of Kos, where you can find significant historic monuments from different eras. Dodecanese islands, being literally in the crossroads of different civilizations have remains of differentiated cultures in all historic periods both of the West and the East.

When everything is ready, sail to the west coast of Kalimnos island, 18 miles to the north. There are numerous bays to anchor, and if you wish to berth at a port, we would recommend the Emporios port at the north of the island, a small port with awesome bays around it.

Day 2: Kalymnos - Amorgos (50 nm)

This is one of the longest legs of the suggested route, 50 nautical miles to the west. Anchor in the bay of Aegiali and enjoy the beautiful landscape of the island and a swim in the crystal clear waters of the bay.

Day 3: Amorgos - Iraklia (25 nm)

The next day continue the cruise west, to the wonderful Small Cyclades. Several islets lay one next to the other, few miles away from the south coast of Naxos island. We suggest you spend the night to the one farthest southwest, Iraklia. It is a very beautiful islet, charming and unspoiled by massive tourism.



Day 4: Iraklia - Port of Naoussa, island of Paros (22nm)

Paros island is situated opposite to Naxos, at its west side. It is not too far to sail from Iraklia to Paros, but it is upwind sailing through a strait that might make it harder to reach the port of Naoussa. Although this port is an attractive destination for its nightlife, in case the meltemi is too strong, there are two alternatives: either sail to the port of Naxos, that it’s closer than Naoussa, or change direction toward the west and Antiparos island, spending the night in the strait among Paros and Antiparos. All places are equally beautiful, although do not have the busy life style of Paros and Naoussa in particular. However, it would be suggested not to get too wild in Naoussa, as there is going to be a long trip the next day, probably the hardest of the specific route.

Day 5: Paros - Kythnos (52nm)

This leg is a long one, 52 nautical miles, getting harder because it goes at a closed beam, depending on exact wind direction. Only the last part, passing the south cape of Kythnos the wind is expected to lower, making this part easier. The bay Kolona, at the north of the island is one of the favorite spots for anchorage, due to the wonderful landscape and also for the safe shelter it provides. Alternatively, if you wish to reach a port after such a long trip, Merichas, the small port of Kithnos, offers a safe shelter and a few taverns by the beach, where you can have a good dinner at very reasonable prices.

Day 6: Kythnos - Sounion (27nm)

As the trip approaches the mainland, so the wind force and waves smooth down. The last part in the area of Cyclades, from Kythnos to Sounion, would have a north wind from closed beam, but in easier conditions than what have already been met. Soon, you will see the Rock and the ancient Pillars of the Temple of Poseidon on top. Spend the remaining of the day with some relaxing swimming and at night have a beautiful night gazing at the stars and the lit Temple.

The bay offers good shelter for anchorage against the north winds (not suitable in case of south or west winds).


Day 7: Sounion - Kalamaki marina (18nm)

The last day of the route, enjoy the day swimming and a good breakfast. Eventually, prepare for the last trip to the Kalamaki marina, sailing by the south coast of Attika.

Note: Above data (distances, berthing information, etc.) are included merely for informational purposes and are not accurate. Please assess a nautical chart before your trip, to ensure a safe and pleasant trip.


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