Sailing itinerary from Mykonos to Small Cyclades and Amorgos



Sailing around the Cyclades islands is a unique experience, for both the exotic landscape of dry land and shiny rocks, as well as the sailing conditions, which can become quite challenging through out the year, especially in summer months.


This route starts from Mykonos, the famously cosmopolitan island, and heads south, to Paros, Schoinoussa in Small Cyclades, Amorgos island with the famous deep blue waters, Koufonissia islands and Naxos, as the final stop before the return to Mykonos.

All destinations are wonderful islands; enjoy the night life in Mykonos and Paros towns, the golden, sandy beaches and secluded coves on Koufonissi, Naxos and Paros islands. Amorgos is gifted with rare beauties, such as the monastery of Panagia (Holy Mary) "Hozoviotissa", the picturesque town on the top of the stiff mountains, the ship wreck at the south, as well as the secluded islet of Gramvoussa, all creating unforgettable, 'salty' memories. The small islands are gifted with wonderful beaches to visit on a sailing yacht, secluded bays to swim in crystal waters and traditional fish ports to spend the nights and taste the fresh sea food prepared with local recipes.


The chart of our cruise (click to enlarge)

Sailing Conditions: Strong north winds and big waves is the common trend in the open Aegean Sea (especially Mykonos, Paros and Amorgos), while most times Small Cyclades stay protected. Sailing under these conditions can be challenging and fun for experienced sailors, but novices should check the weather forecast first and avoid this itinerary if their skipper does not recommend. The final trip, from Paros to Mykonos is the hardest part, because it is 5 hours upwind, against big waves, especially in the strait Mykonos - Delos.

Nevertheless, winds might be smooth in many days during the year and sailors can enjoy and relax within the breath taking color and feeling of the Aegean Sea. 


Day 1: Mykonos - Paros (22 nautical miles - nm)

The sailing cruise started on Mykonos island. First we purchased the required supplies for the cruise, like food and beverage, and in the afternoon we headed to Mykonos marina (in Tourlos). We found the yacht, settled in it and soon we sailed to Paros island. The cruise lasted for 3 hours, as the favorable north wind was pushing us down to our destination. We arrived to the picturesque port of Naoussa, by the sunset. The small town is filled with cozy restaurants and bars, especially in the area near the port. However, the port is small and has few only available berthing spots; we were lucky to find one so late in the afternoon. After some good rest, we had a fantastic night out in a cozy restaurant and then in the bars, located around the port.



Picturesque ports in Cyclades islands



Day 2: Paros- Schoinoussa (26 nm) 

On the second day, we sailed further south to the area of Small Cyclades, for many the most beautiful and charming area in the Cyclades complex. Small islets next to each other, some of them uninhabited, sandy beaches, fantastic coves and caves to snorkel in! First we had a wonderful swim in one of the coves of the Schoinoussa and then we berthed in the cozy, little port, where we spent the night. Earlier, we had an easy trip from Naoussa, with some weak wind blowing on our stern. Handsome! In the evening, we visited the small fishing village of the island, only 5 minutes walk from the small port.



Romantic Schoinoussa


Day 3: Schoinoussa - Amorgos island (18 nm)

Next day we sailed to Amorgos island and the port of Katapola. Usually this is a rough sea, with strong winds and big waves, but on the day of our trip, the sea was calm. After a swim in Schoinoussa, we arrived in Katapola after 3 hours. The island has impressive sightseeing; the town on the mountain is built as a classical example of Cycladic towns, with stiff and narrow alleys and small houses next to each other, to protect people from the winds and, in older ages, to protect also from the invasion of pirates. Another amazing spot is the monastery of Panagia (Holy Mary) Hozoviotissa, mounted firmly on a sharp cliff at the western coast of Amorgos, gazing at the Deep Blue of the Aegean Sea. We visited the town in the evening; we enjoyed the walk into the alleys and later the delicious local food in a traditional tavern.


Unforgettable Amorgos island

Day 4: Southwestern Amorgos and the islet of Gramvoussa (5 nm)

We started the next day early and sailed near the coast, heading west, to the islet of Gramvoussa. We were lucky to have a calm day, without any winds blowing from the north, which allowed this easy cruise; on one way we stopped to bays we liked and have a swim. Turquoise waters, fully transparent made our swim a unique experience. The yacht approached the cove of the shipwreck and we enjoyed an unforgettable swim around it.

Later we sailed to Gramvoussa, a small islet by Amorgos and found good shelter in her southern coves. Another time that we were astonished by the natural landscape of Cyclades islands... We spent there the rest of the day, while we enjoyed dinner and drinks on the beach till late night.



The Shipwreck at Amorgos island


Day 5: Gramvoussa - Koufonissia islands (11nm)

After a lovely night in the secluded Gramvoussa, we sailed back to Small Cyclades, this time to Kato Koufonissi. The beaches of the island are marvelous, sandy, long, shining under the strong sun. We relaxed after a short trip of less than 2 hours and enjoyed a swim in the crystal waters. Later on the day we berthed the yacht in the small port of Koufonissi. Lovely small town, dry landscape around it, and all covered by the bright blue of the sky and sea. Unforgettable experiences!


Appreciate natural beauty: Koufonissi island


Day 6: Koufonissi - Naxos island (23 nm)

The next day we continued our trip back; first however, we visited the bay of Pori, on the northern Koufonissi and enjoyed a wonderful day snorkeling inside the spectacular caves. Soon we headed west and then north, toward the port of Naxos. We sailed about 4 hours, upwind most part. It was nice, windy day, sailing with the picturesque coast of Naxos starboard. Soon we berthed in the port of Naxos; we were again lucky to find a spot late in the afternoon, as the port is rather small. In case there is no space in the port, the other alternative is the Piso Livadi on Paros island. There you can berth either in the port, or free mooring on anchor, with good holding.


Endless Aegean Sea

Day 7: Return to Mykonos (23 nm)

We left early from Naxos port, although we had a pleasant night out in the bars of the port. This was our last day and we felt like getting the most out of it. We headed north, first to the islet of Rhenia for a short swim. Another fantastic destination; located close to Mykonos, just west of the island of Delos. Soon we sailed to Mykonos, first we paid a visit to the famous district of "Small Venice" at the south coast of Mykonos town, and then headed to the marina of Tourlos.

We enjoyed the night out in the busy Mykonos town and then next morning we left the yacht! No words to describe the places we visited and the whole experience we lived.


Sailing to Mykonos - Rhenia islet


Note: Above data (distances, berthing information, etc.) are included merely for informational purposes and are not accurate. Please assess a nautical chart before your trip, to ensure a safe and pleasant trip.


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