Sailing around Lesvos island in one week




The round of Lesvos on a sailing yacht can offer a unique sailing experience, enjoying the beauty of one of the most beautiful landscapes in Greece. As the yacht stays near the island, the route can be considered easy, but the crew should always be aware of the north winds, the infamous 'meltemi' that might prevail anytime during the summer months. However, the meltemi is less strong than the rest of the Aegean Sea, due to the position of Lesvos island, making sailing more easy and enjoyable. Attention should also be paid to rocks that are scattered around the island, result of the old volcano that formulated the unique landscape of Lesvos island.

Day 1

The trip starts in Lesvos main port, Mytilene, where lies the capital town of the island. The first route is rather small, till the bay of Saint Ermogenis, which is located at the south east peninsula of the island and only a few miles from Mytilene. The yacht holds only on anchor, but the bay is safe from north winds that usually prevail in summer months. On the contrary, there is no good shelter with south winds. It is impressive that the trees (pine and olive trees) reach the sea level. There is a small restaurant (taverna) at the beach offering a few traditional dishes. Eating in such a simple place by the waves is beautiful. There is also a small church a few meters higher (but still next to the sea) where we have seen romantic weddings take place. 

 Sailing around Lesvos-Ermogenis|Sail in Greek Waters


Day 2


The second day make another short sailing trip to the picturesque bay of Tarti, on the south part of Lesvos. Roughly speaking, Agios Ermogenis and Tarti lay at the opposite sides of the Gulf of Giera, all at the southeast part. The waters in Tarti are clean and transparent, and also have a tone of green, due to the trees around the bay. Enter the bay cautiously due to the conspicuous rocks at the west side of the bay. Again, you can only stay on your anchor as there is no pier. But the picturesque landscape will satisfy you. Enjoy the taverns in the beach or the wonderful beach bar at the east side. Although Tarti offers good protection from the meltemi, one can also visit the nearby small port of Plomari. The small port is safe from all winds and there are shops to provide with all main necessary supplies. Plomari is not very attractive but it is the special land of the infamous Greek aperitif, ouzo. Few kilometers away from the port operate some of the main factories for ouzo production and there is also a small museum within one of the factories. The area is full of olive trees, so a small trip by car / taxi to visit the museum would probably satisfy you.


Sailing around Lesvos-Tarti|Sail in Greek Waters


Day 3

The next day sail to the beach of Eresos. The nearby village of Eresos is the motherland of the ancient poet, Sappho. There is a small ancient sanctuary dedicated to the poet. Again, there is no dock to berth in the beach of Eresos (the small port on the east side is not deep enough), so stay on your anchor. There you can enjoy the golden beach; Eresos has probably the most beautiful sandy beach on the island. Visit the charming village with small tavernas with good food as well as the fancy beach bars with good music and great cocktails. But since the beach is very long, you can as well keep on the quiet parts, without people bothering at all. What we liked there is that each beach bar has its own special style, really worth visiting all.

Note that unless you berth in the dock of Plomari you will spend the trip on your anchor. In case the crew needs some supplies, a good idea is to berth in Cape Perama, where you can find some supplies. This place lies near the entry of the Gulf. So, if you wish, make a short stop on the way from Tarti to Eressos, get your supplies and continue to your destination. Moreover, you can always find a good shelter in the bay of Kaloni, in case winds get too strong.

Sailing around Lesvos-Eresos|Sail in Greek Waters


Day 4

The sailing trip around the island continues to the east side, toward the bay of Sigri. The beach on the east side is really beautiful and it is rather hard to find people around. However, only the bay in front of the village of Sigri offers good protection to the north wind. The reason to visit Sigri is the museum of Natural History that lies at it's top, as well as the Petrified Forest Park, with petrified trees, result of the volcano. It's hard for a sailor to express the admiration for the museum, but I have heard that there are only two such museums in the world! Scientifically, it is certainly highly explanatory. Once again, yachts stay on their anchor, in one of the most beautiful bays of the island.


Sailing around Lesvos-Sigri|Sail in Greek Waters

Sailing around Lesvos-Sigri museum of natural history|Sail in Greek Waters


Day 5-6

From Sigri the trip continues to the port of Molivos. The port offers good shelter to all winds, including the meltemi. The traditional town, built on a steep hill has a castle on the top so, visitors usually walk around the romantic alleys of the town and visit the castle. In the evening, you can have dinner by the port which is kept tidy and is certainly one most impressive attractions on Lesvos island.

We suggest staying a second day on the port of Molivos, only to visit the hot springs of Eftalou. It takes 5 minutes by car (you can find a taxi in Molivos) or around an hour walk. The beach of Eftalou is nice to swim, although the waves might get big with strong north winds. After swim visit the bath and live the experience of a relaxing bath in the natural hot springs. The site works through out the year and has strong healing capabilities. It is a worth remembering experience, lasting no more than an hour. Relaxed as you are, enjoy lunch in the nearby tavernas or return to Molivos. In case you are not interested for the hot bath and wish to leave Molivos after one day, visit the nearby bay of Sikaminia or Tsonia (further to the east) only if the weather allows so, because most bays farther to Molivos are exposed to meltemi.


Sailing around Lesvos-Molyvos|Sail in Greek Waters


Day 7

Start early morning to return to the port of Mytilene. It is a route by the northeast coast of Lesvos, heading south. On the east side lies the coast of Turkey, only a few miles away (usually around 10 nm). This usually keeps the waves moderate, regardless of the wind speed. Throughout the route there are rocks scattered, above and under sea level, so be very cautious when sailing in the area. We strongly suggest that you study the map carefully and also check your position throughout the trip, in order to be on the safe side. You arrive in the port of Mytilene before sun set. Spend the last night of the trip in the sailing yacht, trying to put your memories in order. They will be hard to forget.


 Sailing around Lesvos in one week|Sail in Greek Waters


Note: Above data (distances, berthing information, etc.) are included merely for informational purposes and are not accurate. Please assess a nautical chart before your trip, to ensure a safe and pleasant trip.

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